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"If the Winchester scribe had a dream, it might been of a heaven in which
any line of his masterwork could be recalled in an instant, with no need to comb through 766 pages of densely written parchment .... He would have been dreaming not of heaven, but of the CD-Rom."

Richard Girling, Sunday Times Magazine

This Digital Domesday is the only version of the Domesday manuscripts to provide access to high-resolution images of all folios from Great and Little Domesday. The images were taken from the 10 x 8 inch transparencies shot in 1985 at the time the 413 folios of Great and 475 of Little Domesday were unbound for restoration. The folio images are in full colour and can be zoomed to allow inspection of the fine detail of the sheepskin parchment. Furthermore, users can move freely between widely separated folios with the greatest of ease.

It brings together, on a set of four CD-Roms, all the material previously published in the Alecto facsimile editions of Domesday Book. For anyone tracing the history of his or her family, homeland or village Digital Domesday is invaluable.

The software platform for the Domesday database is Index+ (c) System Simulation Ltd. This is a powerful and robust text and image database system used in a number of demanding applications. Among these applications are SCRAN, winner of an American Association of Museums’ Silver Muse Award which was developed for The Scottish Resources Access Network.

Loading is simple, using easy-to-follow instructions, and a helpline service is included. The application will run on a standard PC server and clients running a standard network system, with Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME, 2000, XP or NT4.

The Digital Domesday Book CD-Rom includes:

The manuscript: all 888 folios from Great and Little Domesday

The line-by-line translations, matched to the original text

The Index of People and Index of Places including map references

The first reproduction of Domesday, the Farley transcription of 1783

A general introduction to Domesday

The County Edition introductions to each Domesday county

16 Special Studies on different aspects of medieval life

A Glossary and comprehensive Bibliography

Application platform: Index+C System Simulation Ltd text and image database system

The Digital Domesday Scholar’s Edition including high-resolution images of all 888 Domesday folios is available as a set of four CDs (all text on a single CD and the folios on three CDs).

The Digital Domesday General Edition with medium resolution images is available as a single CD-ROM.

Click here to receive an illustrated brochure and full details about our Digital Domesday Special Offer.

The Digital Domesday

The Digital Domesday

The Digital Domesday